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TWIC Enrollment

Doctor and Patient

Universal Enrollment services are located within our Cleveland location.


Call 1-855-347-8371 to book your TWIC or TSA Pre-Check appointment

What is TWIC Enrollment?

The Transportation Workers Identification Credentials are essential for transportation workers in the United States. The program was jointly created by the United States Coast Guard and the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to establish a system that can readily and easily provide security clearance for the nation’s maritime facilities and vessels.

The ID grants access to those working in ports, outer continental shelf facilities, and vessels regulated under the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002.

Typical workers who may need a TWIC card include:

  • Port or harbor workers

  • Outer continental shelf workers

  • Airport workers

  • Chemical plant workers

  • Railroad workers

  • Refinery workers

American citizens, lawful permanent residents, and non-immigrant aliens who are in a lawful status are eligible to apply for TWIC identification.

Get your TWIC Enrollment today!

The TSA conducts a security threat assessment or background check to determine your eligibility for the credential.

You can complete the entire application process in person at our enrollment center, but pre-enrolling online can make your in-person appointment much shorter.

Check here to find out what you’ll need to bring for TWIC Enrollment.


SCT Medical Clinic can help your workers apply for TWIC security credentials.

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