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Hazmat Endorsement


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What is HazMat Endorsement?

Anyone transporting hazardous materials requiring vehicle placards under DOT regulations must undergo a security threat assessment to obtain a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) on their Commercial Drivers License (CDL). This does not apply to holders of a CDL who do not transport hazardous materials.

Obtain your Hazmat Endorsement

A hazmat endorsement is essential for those who need to transport hazardous materials. This endorsement will be listed as part of your state-issued commercial driver’s license.

A critical part of the hazmat endorsement is passing the threat assessment. A standard risk analysis to determine if the applicant poses any risk to themselves or the public by being allowed to handle and transport hazardous chemicals and products.

SCT Medical Clinic provides the assessment aspect of the endorsement – the testing should be completed at the closest BMV facilities.

As with TSA Pre-check and TWIC Enrollment, pre-enrolling online will expedite your in-person appointment.

Supplement to your TWIC

If you already have valid and approved Transportation Workers Identification Credentials this can be utilized by state motor vehicle facilities to validate you for the security aspect of your hazmat endorsement, saving you time and allowing you to complete the endorsement with minimal fuss.

SCT Medical Clinic can help you secure both your TWIC and Hazmat endorsement. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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