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Workplace Training

Training course

Schedule workplace training events by contacting Flannery Suvak, our account concierge specialist, at 216-398-0349.

Expert on-the-job training

Developing a thorough on-the-job training program is essential for instructing your employees on their daily jobs. Also, effective on-the-job training is essential in preventing workplace accidents and injuries. That’s where SCT can help. Regardless of the task, our OSHA-certified and skilled employees can examine every facet of your work processes and not only provide recommendations for training but discover new ways for the process to become more effective.

Teaching the teachers

An essential part of workplace training is providing instructions in clear concise ways so that the people who are leading the course can effectively communicate what is required to their employees. Additionally, we also create, provide, and distribute training manuals and learning guides that effectively demonstrate the process and address the questions your employees might have.

SCT provides the utmost flexibility. We are happy to lead onsite courses at your job site or workplace ensuring no loss of productivity. If your worksite has limited space for training, we also provide classrooms at our offices and can lead off-hours seminars. Regardless of the industry, our professionals can help lead your company to success.

OSHA Compliance

As an occupational safety clinic, our staff includes experts in occupational medicine, workplace safety, and OSHA compliance.

We can build any training program that is required by your company. Our staff can come on-site and perform training, ensuring no

loss in productivity.

Our staff has many decades of experience working with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and is well-versed in the regulations. We can provide best practices for adhering to OSHA’s safety guidelines to help you bolster safety and prevent workplace accidents.

Our training includes:

  • First Aid/CPR/AED

  • Drug-Free Workplace (employee & supervisor)

  • Hearing conservation by CAHOC-certified technicians

  • Respiratory Program taught by NIOSH-certified occupational health specialists

  • Workplace violence taught by a staff law enforcement officer


Educating employees helps keep them aware of occupational health and safety hazards. SCT is certified by the American Red Cross in several areas. We can travel on-site or host you at our state-of-the-art training center. Contact us today!

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