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Merchant Marine Physical

Image by Rinson Chory

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Join the Merchant Marines

If you are planning to serve with the Merchant Marines, you will need to submit to and pass a Merchant Marine physical. This exam is similar to the DOT physical – with some key differences.

The Application for Mariner Medical Certificate (CG-719K) is required for Officers and Mariners with a qualified rating. Our providers are experienced in providing this examination.


During the exam, we will review your medical history and evaluate every medication you are taking. We will evaluate your hearing, vision, color vision and perform an exam that will demonstrate the strength and agility required for the demands of work and life on the water.

During the physical we will also examine the following:

  • Heart rate and pulse

  • Blood pressure

  • Muscle tone

  • Ears, nose, and throat

  • Digestive system

  • Cardiovascular system

  • Reflexes

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