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Physicals & Health Screenings

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Complete physical and health screenings

Keep your workforce healthy and productive by initiating regular health screenings. The friendly and compassionate staff at SCT Medical Clinic can offer on-site wellness exams. These exams can also be part of or supplement your annual health insurance enrollment.

The goal of our health screenings is early detection to determine if your employees are at risk for conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and obesity-related disorders.

As a collective of providers with training in family medicine, physical medicine, orthopedics, and several other sub-specialties, we can provide physical exams for all employees. With several laboratories that we work with, and our on-site radiological and cardiology services, we can accommodate the specific needs of any employer.

Effective pre-employment screenings

If you are hiring for a position that mandates physical requirements such as being able to lift a minimum amount of weight, you may wish to have your potential employee complete a pre-employment physical examination. This can also be an important first step to reducing on-the-job injuries.

We can also provide physical evaluations for your employee before they join the company gym or sports team, to ensure the rigors of physical activity won’t aggravate any potential underlying condition.

Helping your employees return safely to work

If your employee was injured on the job, you must document the extent of the injuries, especially if Worker’s Compensation is a factor. Additionally, if your employee has missed time because of an incident, you need to know if they are healthy and able to return to work.

SCT Medical Clinic is here to help. Regular monitoring of your employee’s health is vital to ensuring they are not exposed to dangerous hazards. SCT can conduct health screens and other services to protect your workers. 

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