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Occupational Medicine

Doctor and Patient

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Improving the health of your employees

Keeping your workforce productive, means keeping your employees healthy and able to work. SCT Medical Clinic specializes in revolutionizing the field of occupational health and safety. The goal of this practice focuses on the overall health of the employee.

This field of medicine provides special attention to the physical and environmental stresses that employees may encounter throughout their workday. Our clinicians are specialty trained to understand common work-related injuries and adopt the best practices that will help your employees return to work safely.

Our goal is to foster an environment of collaboration between the health provider, patient, and employer to prevent injuries and a guide for wellness to keep your employees healthy. In case of a workplace injury, we will help your employee recover and return to work as quickly as possible.

Essential Occupational Care Services

As a Bureau of Workman’s Compensation credentialed facility, we are ready to treat work-related injuries.

Occupational Medicine Services Include:

  • Injury Care

  • On-site and in-office CAHOC-certified audiograms

  • Urinalysis

  • Reference lab for urine cytology with reflex to fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)

  • Qualitative Fit Testing

  • Quantitative Fit Testing

  • Ohio BWC Drug-Free Workplace Training

  • Special medical surveillance program development

  • COVID Pandemic Response Plans

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